Good bye!




This is one of my favorite clips on YouTube! It’s a total massacre on middle managers, and being one myself I feel allowed to think this is hilarious. Unfortunately it’s only in Swedish, therefore I’ve provided a translation below that you can use when watching the clip (if you don’t speak swedish of course).

– I’m not only a journalist and body builder, but also an organization consultant. And I will now share with you an observation I’ve made that I have chosen to call the ”paradox of the middle manager”.

Sake of arguments

Hello again,

I have a theory here, will shorty give you some bullets on it. They are:

  • Reason one
  • Reason two
  • Reason three

Why do I think like this? I can give you the following arguments:

  1. Argument one
  2. Argument two
  3. Argument three

Now some more text before I show a picture here, in the middle of the text. Hmm, can’t find a way yo put in a picture here…

Hello World


This is my first attempt to blog. I live on the wrong side of the railroad.

This is a great feeling you know. Why, some bullets:

  • Reason one
  • Reason more

I hope this blog will work, and that it will sky rocket me into eternal orbit!